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by kebe.tumblr.com
written and submitted April 2, 2011

I used to believe in a lot of things. Like how everything was going to be better when I’m older. That I was going to have more fun and money and freedom and all the things I could not have back when I was younger. Like how studying in the country’s best school was going to make my life for me. That I do not have to undergo so much hardships anymore because I already went through a lot during my academic years. Like how landing a job in one of the country’s top companies was going to fulfill my career. That I was going to be beyond grateful just being there, not asking for anything better because I was already living my “dream.” But after listing all these? Now, I just think, “Wow, I believed in so much bullshit.” I don’t mean to sound so angry-at-the-world or like the biggest ingrate ever or anything, because, just for the record, I’m really not. The point is, I just want to share a little piece of advice: Be careful in choosing what you believe in. It’s a twisted world and we’re bound to have twisted lives. I should know, I was brought up a very positive thinker and now I have written this.

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